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The Look

How to Wear Convertibles

Wear the Traditional Way

"Closed Toe"

Wear Convertibles the traditional way for a classic and sophisticated look that provides you with flawless legs, a smoother shape, and overall support.vThis look is perfect with closed toe heels, flats, booties and boots. Most popular for work wear, professional looks, weddings or under clothes for slimming and compression. Convertibles also serve as a layer for warmth in the winter months.

Let No Pedicure Go Unnoticed

"Open Toe"

Wearing convertibles open-toe is not only functional, but fashion forward. This look is perfect for revealing toes in open-toe heels without compromising the ability to wear pantyhose, whether it be for fashion or to provide the look of flawless legs. Convertibles allows our girl to have it all. Favorite looks are with open-toe heels, mules and booties.

Convenience And Comfort

"Ankle High"

Transition easily from the traditional and toe-less looks to ankle high. No longer do you need to sacrifice elegance for comfort. Simply roll down the convertible toe-flap and throw on your favorite closed or open toe heels when you are ready. Functional, easy and versatile. Best for pedicures, the commute to work with sandals, and beach weddings.